I Fabbri winery

I Fabbri winery

Tuscany Tour Time works with specially selected wine producers throughout Tuscany. We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you I Fabbri winery, a family property in the Chianti region. The winery remains in the hands of Susanna Grassi, who inherited the property, Casole. Moreover, she got her grandfather’s documents that confirm the family’s ownership of the land since the 1600s.

Even as a young girl, Susanna dreamed of caring for the farm, but life took her on a different course. Having spent a lot of time overseas, her degree in economics led her to a life working in the world of fashion. Here, she learned how to organize sales spaces, a skill that she was able to utilize when she returned to the agricultural sector. At the end of the 1990s, she came back to the farm to use her organizational skills to set up the winery. That was how her new career was born. Today she works to provide visitors to the winery with typical wines from the Chianti region, produced in the traditional style of their brand.

The land

I Fabbri winery’s territory is located in the Lamole region of Greve in Chianti. It is a large region with hills that range from 450 and 650 meters above sea level. The terroir is particularly sandy and loose, due to centuries of rock disintegration. The soil is loose and very permeable, and somewhat poor in organic substances. The ability for the vines’ roots to permeate the soil, together with the meridian climate provide characteristic Sangiovese grapes that grow here with their unique, recognizable qualities. The grapes that grow at I Fabbri have a very full color, a fine, elegant nose that reminds us of cherry or fresh raspberries, and a somewhat light to medium body, with elegant tannins, and a dash of freshness.

Their philosophy

I Fabbri’s philosophy is to preserve the natural resources they have been blessed with, and to value the peculiarity of the territory in Chianti. Tradition embraces new techniques to affect the land as little as possible. I Fabbri’s team works to produce natural wines that remain true to their Chianti Classico roots.

The winery engages in sustainable agriculture, which is more than just organic farming. Sustainability refers to the entire process of making and selling the wine, including sustainable packaging, respect for the environment, and maintaining the quality of life of the farmers themselves. The producers at I Fabbri are completely dedicated to sustainability and the environment. In 2003, they introduced recycled materials throughout all of the production process. Then, in 2007 they worked to reduce the amount of glass being used in the bottling process. In 2008 the introduction of photovoltaic energy allowed to the winery to achieve complete energy independence, and finally in 2013, I Fabbri achieved completely organic wine production.

I Fabbri’s wine production

The winery specializes in Chianti Classico, in fact they produce 3 types of it, plus the Riserva.

  • Olinto: 80% Sangiovese and 20% Merlot grapes blend. The harvest is manually in October, then the aging is in cement. The result is a wine with an intense ruby red color, floral and red fruits small, full body structure.
  • Lamole: 100% Sangiovese grapes. Unlike the first one, it has a medium structure. It is the typical Chianti Classico wine, with the red fruit perfume and taste.
  • Terra di Lamole: 90% Lamole Sangiovese grosso, 10% Canaiolo grapes blend. The aging process for this wine is in two parts: the first one in cement, the second one in French oaks. Terra di Lamole is very particular! Its color is ruby red with light purple reflections. The smell is intense, with violets notes and red fruit. The flavor has hints of berries and red fruits.
  • I Fabbri Riserva: 100% Lamole Sangiovese grosso grapes. It is ages 12 months in French oaks, it too has an intense, deep red color and hints of berries and oak in the nose.

They also produce other wines. For example, a Gran Selezione, a 100% Merlot wine, a blend between Lamole Sangiovese grosso grapes and Schioppettino di Pepotto and also a white wine.

Come in a wine tour in Tuscany with us! We love to bring our students and wine enthusiasts to taste this excellent, organic, sustainable Tuscan Chianti Classico wine. The only thing you will be able to say, will be “Wow” in front of the beauty of Lamole hills. You will learn how sustainable farming techniques are revolutionizing the Tuscan wine production industry, while simultaneously producing excellent quality wine.

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