Ciliegiolo Maremma Toscana DOC. San Lorenzo, Sassotondo winery

In 1990 Carla and Edoardo decided to get rid of their jobs in Rome,  to realize their dream of living in the country and making wine. In 1997 their first harvest with just one hectare of land. The winery is located between the towns of Sorano and Pitigliano on the foothills of the Bolsena volcanic basin and the tuff is the main material:  the vineyards are planted on the tufa rounded by time hence the name Sassotondo (round stone), symbol of their winery, the houses are made with tuff, the cellar is dug into the tuff.

The company is included in the DOC Bianco di Pitigliano, Sovana and Maremma Toscana.

Now they own 12 hectares of vineyards : 9 red grapes (ciliegiolo, sangiovese, teroldego and merlot) and 3  white (trebbiano, greco, sauvignon). The winery follows the principles of biodynamics agriculture.

Sassotondo has an old underground cellar, completely dug into the tuff  that is about 14 meters below ground  with natural and ideal conditions of humidity and temperature.

The wines of Sassotondo try to be an expression of this powerful and mysterious territory: the indigenous vines and an environment in some aspects extreme, with the tuff that surfaces everywhere, produce fine and elegant wines, naturally concentrated, savory and spicy.

San Lorenzo

Monovarietal of Ciliegiolo grapes from  a 50-year-old vineyard

Deep ruby red color, important structure. The cherry dominates the nose, but in association with blackcurrant, spicy pepper, clove, which are then also present to taste. In the mouth it is elegant, balanced and of good persistence; not a muscular wine, but of great freshness and drinkability

Biodynamic agriculture

No clarification, no filtration, own yeast

Maremma Toscana DOC

2016. We will send you the latest harvest year available. If you want a specific year please contact us.

Pitigliano, Sovana, Sorano

100% Ciliegiolo

The harvesting and selection of the grapes are manual, the fermentation takes place without the addition of yeasts, and the maceration lasts from 15 to 20 days.

The wine ages for 18/30 months in Slavonian oak barrels, plus 12 months of aging in bottle.

14,5% by vol

Biodynamic and organic agriculture