Renzo Marinai winery

Renzo Marinai winery

As you arrive at Renzo Marinai winery, you feel immediately immersed in history. This small farm locates on a hill right in the middle of the Conca d’Oro. This area is the geographical centre of Chianti, famous for the superior quality of its wines. The old central tower that dates to 1163 dominates the charming stone buildings of the winery. It is used now as part of the aging cellar where oak barrels of different sizes are stacked and wine rests with the sound of Mozart in the background.

The winery

The buildings are in the centre of the property where 8 hectares of vineyard alternate with olive groves and forest giving the visitors spectacular view to enjoy all around. The varieties grown are for the most part Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. They grow and use other less famous local varieties, like Canaiolo, Colorino, Foglia Tonda, Ciliegiolo, Mammolo and Pugnitello.

This is the charming atmosphere that permeates right through the place. A visit here means that you will meet the owner who will show you through the cellars while explaining the long history of the area and of the winery. He will then lead you into the tasting room and here the wines will start their show.

Their wines

Both Chianti Classico and the Riserva are a blend of Sangiovese with 10% of Cabernet Sauvignon, which gives the typical trait of Renzo Marinai’s wines: full body and fruitiness. The Riserva though, thanks to a more extensive aging in the barrels, also offers greater complexity and smoother tannins. The Chianti Classico Gran Selezione completes the Chianti family. It is a pure Sangiovese, a real thoroughbred obtained from carefully selected bunches. This wine is a great expression of the personality that this variety acquires in time. It is excellent with a rich meat dish and, if left to rest in the bottle for some years, it can also become a wonderful meditation wine to enjoy alone.

All three Chianti wines of Renzo Marinai are ideal for those who tend to prefer bolder wines to match with food.

One of the other red wines produced is Guerrante, a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. It has ripe fruit aromas that support spicy and leathery notes and characterized by considerably smooth tannins.

Kadar is the name of a very special wine. It combines the rarer Tuscan varieties grown on the property. These grapes ferments and macerates directly in an oak barrel for 6 month. After pressing, the wine is first stored in large glass vessels for one year and then bottled. It is a real unique wine: complex, smooth but extremely fruity and fresh. Ideal for drinking alone. Finally, Conca d’Oro, the pure Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is one of the best interpretations of this wonderful location in the heart of Tuscany and tops a selection of wines that make a visit to Renzo Marinai winery a must for all Cabernet lovers.

We would love to take you there in one of our wine tour Florence  to enjoy these wonderful wines in such a charming historical setting and surrounded by breath-taking view. Don’t miss out!


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