Wine Map of Tuscany

Savignola Paulina winery and Il Palagio winery

Panzano in Chianti and Greve in Chianti are two of Chianti Classico’s 9 wine communes of Tuscany. Both towns are located along the Chiantigiana, the road that takes you through the Chianti wine region. Along the route Fattoria Savignola Paulina and Il Palagio di Panzano  wineries allow one to get a true sense of Tuscan life.

Savignola Paulina Winery

Savignola Paulina winery is located on an ancient Etruscan settlement, Savignola, that was bought in 1780 by the Fabbri family. The winery is located on 6 hectares of land in Greve in Chianti. Within the last 20 years the vineyards have been renovated by the nephew Carlo and his daughter Ludovica. They have also technologically advanced their wine cellar. In 2014 Manuel and Luzius Caviezel became joint partners with the Fabbri family to join in the vision of producing quality, authentic wines.

Their 2015 Chianti Classico is made of 85% Sangiovese with 15% local grapes Colorino and Malvasia Nera, this last a very rare grape that over the last few years few wineries have revaluing positively. Aged 12-14 months in French oak with an additional 6 months in the bottle. This Chianti Classico is deep ruby red with intense notes of violet and roses exuding from the glass. A wine with good structure and concentration. Sweetly tasting at first sip. A balance between tannin and acidity allowing the flavors to linger for enjoyment.

Il Palagio di Panzano winery

Il Palagio di Panzano is situated on an ancient 10th century monastery at the golden shell, or conca d’oro, of Panzano. The winery is operated by the 3rd generation family member, Monia and her husband. Monia inherited the land and winery by her grandparents. It is a true wine destination in the heart of Chianti Classico as they also have onsite accommodations.

Monia takes great pride in the production of her wines from manual harvesting to caring for the environment by ensuring all the wines are organic. Her love for sangiovese shows through their 7 hectares of land solely dedicated to different clones of sangiovese. The vineyards of Il Palagio are 400- 500 meters above sea level with southwest exposure. The terrain is rocky filled with galestro soil. Their wines display a high mineral content rich with red fruits and a hint of oak. They define wines by “good structure, compact acidity and nice, smooth tannins”.

Their 2015 Chianti Classico is bright ruby red with intense cherry notes and an earthy nose. It is finely structured, well balanced with nice tannins and a persistent finish. It’s aged 12 months in barrel with another 12 months spent in the bottle before release. They also produce a lively rose’ that is pale pink with hints of sweet cherries, red mixed berries and a hint of white flowers. Aged in stainless steel tanks spending 4 months on the lees.

Tuscany Tour Time has an established relationship with these families. They take pride in their wines and highly respect the land and their surroundings. The perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the richness of the land and experience these treasures for yourself is to book a  tuscan wine tour with us whenever you come to Tuscany, Italy.

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